Jonathan Earl



My hobbies include, Stone Sculpting, Reading, Traveling and Skiing.

Stone Sculpting I am a member of the Colorado Stone Sculpting Society, and have exhibited my work at regional and local shows.
I am currently working on a piece of marble from the Colorado Yule Marble mine
Reading I love to read, and enjoy Science Fiction very much.
My wife and I have a reading aggrement, where she suggests a book I must read, and I suggest a book she must read.
It turns out Nora Roberts' romances are very well written.
Traveling I have been traveling since I was a kid, at last count I have been in 103 different countries, and all seven continents. The last few trips were:
  • Ireland
  • South Africa
  • Peru
  • South Korea
  • Russia
Skiing I love to ski, and have been skiing on all seven continents.
I climbed Kilimanjaro and skied into the crater.
It took 5 days to climb to the top and 2 days to climb down.


B.S. Computer Science - Florida Institute of Technology
M.S. Computer Science - Colorado State Univeristy
M.S. Astronomy - Swinburne University (Australia)


Anything at all.