Learning Ruby on Rails: Assignments

Assignment - 1

Verfiying the Inital Setup:
Read the Setup.txt document.
Then complete Assignment1.txt.

The WorldDB.zip file containing the SQL required to load the World Database.

Assignment - 2

Creating the world application:
Complete Assignment2.txt.

Assignment - 3

Running the world application:
Complete Assignment3.txt.

Assignment - 4

Writing Hello World:
Complete Assignment4.txt.

Assignment - 5

Creating static content:
Complete Assignment5.txt.

Assignment - 6

Using Slim Templates:
Complete Assignment6.txt.

Assignment - 7

Testing the Controllers:
Complete Assignment7.txt.

Assignment - 8

Adding more tests:
Complete Assignment8.txt.

Assignment - 9

Test Driven Development:
Complete Assignment9.txt.

Assignment - 10

Using RSpec:
Complete Assignment10.txt.

Assignment - 11

Using Ruby Classes in Rails:
Complete Assignment11.txt.

Assignment - 12

Adding Style to our site:
Complete Assignment12.txt.

The WorldDB.zip the world.png file

Assignment - 13

Creating a Nav fragment using Rails named paths:
Complete Assignment13.txt.

Assignment - 14

Starting with Models:
Complete Assignment14.txt.

Assignment - 15

Creating the Views to access the Model:
Complete Assignment15.txt.

Assignment - 16

A Challange assignment:
Complete Assignment16.txt.

A flags.zip file containing images for the web page

Assignment - 17

Using a Scaffold:
Complete Assignment17.txt.

Assignment - 18

Understanding Routes:
Complete Assignment18.txt.

Assignment - 19

Working with Session and Forms:
Complete Assignment19.txt.