ng-book.pdf ⇐ The class textbook ⇐ Source code for the examples in the textbook

Pre/Post Tests:

Pre Test - Monday morning
Post Test - Friday afternoon

Coding Assignments:

Assignment1.txt ⇐ Verifying the setup
Assignment2.txt ⇐ Working with JSON
    Assignment2.json ⇐ JSON Example
Assignment3.txt ⇐ Exploring the REST Web Service
    Assignment3-URLs.txt ⇐ The URLs used in Assignment #3
Assignment4.txt ⇐ Creating the Angular Coding Project
Assignment5.txt ⇐ Creating the Instructor Example Angular Project
Assignment6.txt ⇐ Exploring an Angular Project
Assignment7.txt ⇐ Designing the Page layouts
    Assignment7.pdf ⇐ My Page Design
Assignment8.txt ⇐ Learning Typescript
    tsconfig.json ⇐ The Typescript compiler configuration
Checkpoint1.txt ⇐ Checkpoint #1
Assignment9.txt ⇐ Exploring the Root Component
Assignment10.txt ⇐ Creating the Components
Checkpoint2.txt ⇐ Checkpoint #2
Assignment11.txt ⇐ Using Http to build the Menu
Assignment12.txt ⇐ Adding Bootstrap (3rd Party Framework) to Angular
Assignment13.txt ⇐ Fleshing out the Welcome, Message and Footer Components
Checkpoint3.txt ⇐ Checkpoint #3
Assignment14.txt ⇐ Converting the REST Web Service call into a Service
Assignment15.txt ⇐ Adding a Message Service
Assignment16.txt ⇐ Adding Routing
Checkpoint4.txt ⇐ Checkpoint #4
Assignment17.txt ⇐ Building the NumberedComponent
Assignment18.txt ⇐ A Challenge Lab
Assignment19.txt ⇐ Fixing the hard-code Humor Type
Assignment20.txt ⇐ Building the KeyedComponent
Checkpoint6.txt ⇐ Checkpoint #6
Assignment21.txt ⇐ Adding a Random button to the Keyed Component
Assignment22.txt ⇐ Building the DatedComponent
Checkpoint7.txt ⇐ Checkpoint #7

Notes From Class:

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