HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery



OWASP.pdf ⇐ OWASP's Top 10 Attacks

Pre/Post Tests:

Pre Test
Post Test

Coding Assignments:

Assignment1.txt ⇐ A Bio Page
BioExample.html ⇐ My Bio Page example
Assignment2.txt ⇐ the start of the Humor Application ⇐ my Humor Example - HTML pages
Assignment3.txt ⇐ Adding Forms to the Humor Appl ⇐ my Humor Example - Forms
Assignment4.txt ⇐ Styling the Humor Appl ⇐ my Humor Example - CSS
Assignment5.txt ⇐ JavaScript DOM interaction (see the notes folder for: countries.js and ⇐ My JavaScript DOM example
Assignment6.txt ⇐ jQuery
Assignment7.txt ⇐ jQuery AJAX

Code Examples:

Holidays.html ⇐ Using JavaScript to draw on an HTML Canvas
Range.html ⇐ Using JavaScript to access Local Storage
Storage.html ⇐ Local Storage vs Session Storage
ToDo.html ⇐ HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript application

Notes From Class:

My Notes folder

Example code from the class textbooks:

The HTML/CSS Book (book 1)
The JavaScript/jQuery Book (book 2)

Web Sites of Interest

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These examples are Open Source under the GNU Free Documentation License as noted here: Copyright