Learning Python

Welcome to my Learning Python Web Site

This web site was created to host my examples, and notes for Learning Python. Included here are references and other links of interest to the Python developer.

Please enjoy.

Class Assignments and Examples

During class I will be making "challenge" assignment, and providing examples.

These assignments maybe found here.

This file States.txt will also be used in class.

Class Notes and Examples

During class, I will be create example Python code to illustrate concepts and techniques.

I will upload some of these examples to the notes folder.

Managing Packages and Dependencies

This introduction to Python focuses on the Standard Library.
As you progress further into the Python world you will be using additional Python packages.
You will also be dealing with Virtual Environments.

An overview of using Python packages, and working in Virtual Environments can be found here.

Beyond the Basics

Python provides a platform for your imagination.

Here are examples of using Python; building on the solid foundation of this class, these examples maybe found here.

Python References

After class all developers needs on-line resource to further their Python skills, I have collected a few key links to get you started on your Python bookmarks.